External Insulation

The Jendy Joss external "Preassembled" insulation with MODULO JJ dry system, for external requalification of existing buildings, are the best solution to obtain the highest thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics, with very reduced thickness and weights, eco-friendly materials biocompatible, prefabricating which allows extreme simplicity and speed of execution.

The prefabricated solution includes a “cell facade” system with telescopic fixing between different Modules to guarantee simplicity and speed already characteristic of dry construction systems, but improved thanks to the prefabricated system.

The facade finish can be obtained with smoothing and painting or a ventilated facade created on site.

It is also possible to have a reinforced skim coat and special elastic plaster applied directly in the factory, delegating to the construction site only the treatment of the joint to be sealed between different Modules.


External insulation with single frame – thickness: 112 mm