Who we are

Jendy Joss® is a leader company on the market for development, planning, supplying, construction with innovative and technological dry systems.

With patents and international registered trademark, result of advanced research and industrial development, the company operates throughout the country and some European country, directly or through dealers and retailers.

What do we do

Jendy Joss ® main objective is to develop new construction systems, with best thecnical and performance features, always evolutioning as all life picks.

The very advanced and plentiful plant of our buildings, the ever higher performance standards requested for the new buildings and the desired growing quality, cannot avoid an upgrade of construction systems. The dry building systems are perfect for all this.
For this reason Jendy Joss® invests to improve and innovate everyday its systems, define new ones to increase more the offered products range.
All the created building systems, produced and supplied respect the newest requests and norms.
The performances obtained, mainly in reference to the mechanical resistance values, energy conservation and sound insulation, are among the highest systems nowadays on the market at the same thicknesess and costs.
The offered services include a constant support to the designers during the drafting of the specifications, to construction companies and retailers during the works and from the retailers for the technical-commercial necessary assistance.