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European technological platform CIPNES OLBIA


The Provincial Industrial Consortium North East Sardinia – Gallura (CIPNES_Gallura) realizes the territorial marketing platform “INSULA”, multifunctional technological pole (PTE), dedicated to the development of an articulated program of promotion and internationalization of the identity production chains of Sardinia, and in particular the production of agrifood, artistic craftsmanship and design.
“INSULA” is the territorial Marketing platform for the development of the productive activities of Sardinia and the promotion of the territories, with a focus on the agri-food supply chains, artistic craftsmanship and boating, which will represent a permanent bridge between the Sardinia that produces and potential national and international markets, an incubator of companies capable of telling in aggregate form the great production know-how of Sardinia in the field of agrifood and artistic craftsmanship.
The infrastructure occupies an area of ​​approximately 100,000 square meters within the consortium production district of Olbia, along the coast of Olbia – Golfo Aranci, overlooking the Gulf of Olbia, in a context full of suggestions and strategic logistical pluses.
The INSULA platform will be divided into thematic areas (supply chains), each of which will have a section dedicated to the production of taste laboratories and a promo-commercial showroom section.
The construction systems are light and modern, technologically at the forefront as the goal of the project, to obtain important thermo-acoustic performance, lightness and speed of construction.
The external infills are therefore provided with Jendy Joss dry structures, subjected to laboratory tests for the CE marking and compliance with the required performance characteristics, including air and water tightness, resistance to wind actions, try mechanical impact.