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School MUSP – L’Aquila earthquake


After April 2009 earthquake in the center of Italy and in particular the city of L’Aquila, very quick reconstructions were required to allow people involved in new houses and the opportunity to resume their teaching activities regularly in schools. In this regard, one of these, 4,000 square meters, was built with Jendy Joss dry systems, which allowed the reconstruction in only 50 days with inauguration on 05.10.2009 by the Head of Civil Protection Bertolaso. The systems that have allowed such a rapid execution are all MODULAR, structural steel-frame type structural calculations and preassembled in the factory, delegating only the joining of the modules to the construction site and thus allowing execution in exceptional times and with technically solutions with 12m floor slabs and others. The thermo-acoustic performance of the solutions adopted is also top-notch with excellent values that have led the work to have characteristics not only of temporariness as initially provided, but can be maintained over time. Each module of the structure is still encoded, removable and retrofitted according to a specific mounting scheme.