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Project Details

Production site Berluti Luis Vitton


The new plant Berluti LVMH Group, designed by international Barthelemy & Grino Architects, has an area of 20,000 square meters, of which 8,000 covered and employs 290 people. The search for quality systems, as well as light and fast, led to the choice of building systems Jendy Joss for all external walls as well as for the supporting structures of the same. The realization of the external wall, then coated with a sheath Stamisol and exposed structure of wood in the rough, was then performed by Joss Jendy with their systems to ensure the best thermal and acoustic performance, as well as a realization that speed has allowed us to finish all exterior walls in just 3 months. The appropriate sizing of all steel structures, supported by specific structural calculations, provides the scope and wind resistance.