New FAAC building in Bologna2022-02-02T10:18:22+00:00

New FAAC building in Bologna


The major overhaul of the Faac headquarters includes the new restaurant of the company known worldwide for its automation and access control solutions, using Jendy Joss products.
The project aims to redefine the entire distribution of company spaces by placing a real park at the center, a green lung and focal point of the entire complex.
The company restaurant, therefore, has been designed to allow its users to enjoy the external panorama; this was achieved by installing large reflective glazing interspersed with large Jendy Joss blind parts with excellent thermal efficiency characteristics.
The use of dry prefabricated solutions, in addition to guaranteeing maximum energy performance, has allowed an extreme manufacturing speed and the possibility of direct finishing with a large-size stoneware system such as Mirage + fabric capable of decoupling the finish from the wall with the possibility of to absorb dilations and movements.