Manara Valgimigli School in San Piero in Bagno2023-09-22T06:30:35+00:00

Manara Valgimigli School in San Piero in Bagno

The proposal for the new school is conceived as a new meeting point for the entire local community. The project is conceived not as a monofunctional building, but as an open site that encourages interaction with the community through its spaces. The school building is designed with respect for the environment and respect for construction. The choice is to give a passive approach which combines innovative technologies that satisfy the criteria of the methods recognized by the sustainability protocols.

The Jendy Joss ModuloJJ dry infill is based on the concept of prefabrication to give a skin to the building. Insulated drywall panels create the external walls which in turn generate thermo-acoustic comfort, while the glass parts are completed with a system of curtains that shield the internal spaces from direct light if necessary and at the same time guarantee the possibility of making the classrooms darkened .

The ModuloJJ walls are designed at a full height of 9m, on the long elevations they include 4 wall holes for the positioning of the fixtures in correspondence with which the ducting for air recirculation has already been pre-installed in the factory. The removal of the scaffolding was not necessary and assembly took place in the space between the structure and the scaffolding, thus allowing subsequent work for the external finishing.