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Frame (single/double): Double
Thickness (mm): ≥237
Weight (kg/m2): 86,0
Acoustic insulation lab.(dB): ≥63
Fire reaction (Class): A2s1,d0
Fire resistance (EI): 120 min.
Thermal trasmittance (W/m2K): 0,216
Thermal periodic trasmittance w/s (W/m2K): 0,053-0,052
Thermal attenuation factor w/s: 0,245-0,241


Interior double wall with Jendy Joss® acoustic high-performance dry system MODULO_JJ, with “preassembled” in factory module, designed and custom-made, with possible arranged hydraulic and electrical systems, total tickness ≥234mm, acoustic insulation > 63 dB. The module are composed of a galvanized steel frame type DX51 with vertical profiles of section 50-75-50mm, distance of 600mm and inserted into upper and lower profiles of section 40-75-40mm, conveniently assembled, features suitable holes for fixing and assembly. The base profiles are isolated with a 3mm polyethylene sheath with acoustic and waterproof function. To close the steel frame of each MODULO_JJ there are two calcium silicate boards UR12 with thickness 12mm, screwed to the metal by special screws VT4.2*32, galvanized and self-tapping. Inside every module there is a 70mm mineral wool panel for acoustic insulation. All UR calciumsilicate boards have a high density of 1,200 kg/m³ and high mechanical performance, in A1 Fire Class Reaction, with universal use, with absolutely no harmful materials and have a very low Radioactivity Index of 0.15. After the installation of the first module-frame, at the distance of 10mm it’s possible to begin the second one at the same way. Every module has an “interpenetration system” for fastening to adjacent module with special screws VT4.2*32, galvanized and self-tapping. The fixing to the floors is with additional galvanized steel profiles 12/10mm doweled to the existent structure where every module will be screwed before the 13mm plasterboard application directly on UR calciumsilicate board with appropriate galvanized and self-tapping screw. The surface of plasterboard will be finished with a traditional joints shaving to obtain a surface ready for sanding and painting.
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