Frame (single/double): Double
Thickness (mm): ≥ 319 mm
Weight (kg/m2): 83,4
Facade acoustic insulation D2m,nT,w (dB): ≥60
Fire reaction int/ext (Class): A2s1,d0 – A1
Thermal trasmittance (W/m2K): 0,128
Thermal periodic trasmittance w/s (W/m2K): 0,029
Thermal attenuation factor w/s: 0,227-0,228
Thermal lag w/s (h min): 9h 57′ – 10h 7′


External wall with Jendy Joss® thermal-acoustic high-performance dry system, with double steel frame, Universal Rock boards and rockwool panels for a total thickness of ≥319mm (excluded external finishing), with linear thermal transmittance U=0.128 W/mqK, periodic thermal transmittance Yi.e=0.029 W/mqK, thermal attenuation factor 0,228 and summer thermal lag 10h 7’. The external frame can be applied on the floor or externally to the structural line for eliminate the thermal bridging and it is ready for shaving and painting, coating or the ventilated facade. The steel frame is composed of a double galvanized profiles, the extarnal one type S280GD and thickness 12/10mm with vertical profiles of section 50-170-50mm, distance of 600mm and inserted into upper and lower profiles of section 40-170-40mm, the interior one type DX51 and thickness 08/10mm with vertical profiles of section 50-100-50mm, distance of 600mm and inserted into upper and lower profiles of section 40-100-40mm. The base profiles are isolated from the structures with a 3 mm polyethylene sheath with acoustic and waterproof function. To close each steel frame three layers calcium silicate boards UR12 with thickness 12mm, screwed to the metal by special screws VT4.2*32, galvanized and self-tapping.
For thermal and acoustic insulation in the middle of external wall will be inserted a rockwool panel with thickness 160mm and density 70 kg/m³, into the internal wall will be insert a rockwool panel with thickness 80mm and density 50 kg/m³. All Universal Rock® calciumsilicate boards have a high density of 1,200 kg/m³ and high mechanical performance, in A1 Fire Class Reaction, with universal use, with absolutely no harmful materials and have a very low Radioactivity Index of 0.15. Up to interior surface will be applied a 13mm plasterboard with aluminium sheet vapor barrier, screwed by galvanized VT3.5*25 and completed with a traditional joints shaving to obtain a surface ready for sanding and painting.
For the external surface, in the case of shaving and painting, the 4mm external joints between the UR12 calciumsilicate boards will be filled with specifical product and inside fiberglass net of 160 gr/mq and width 5 cm. In case of ventilated facade it will be applied a 110 gr/mq black vapor barrier with waterproof function also during the construction time and dark background in case of facade with opened joints. Including thermal bridging treatments.
Empty for full <4.00mq.