Ceramiche Mariner Spa New Headquarters2020-03-26T12:36:50+00:00

Ceramiche Mariner Spa New Headquarters


In Roteglia (RE), the new Ceramiche Mariner Spa is born with new offices and new production equipped with the most modern technologies that will allow to increase the technical-aesthetic value of the porcelain stoneware products. All new plants are designed with all the latest generation devices necessary for the management and treatment of colored atomized powders. Multiple combinations of production available to the ceramics company, with benefits also in terms of greater production flexibility, to make it one of the main realities at European level. In this field of technological innovation and state-of-the-art solutions, Jendy Joss Preassembled construction systems were chosen with extremely fast production characteristics as well as top-notch thermo-acoustic performance. From an aesthetic point of view, the application of a ventilated stoneware façade was chosen with thin sheets 3mm thick and 3m long, glued onto an aluminum substructure. The suitable sizing of all steel structures, supported by specific structural calculations, guarantees the capacity of the ventilated façade and the wind resistance.