Tax deduction for insulation remains at 55%

Approved by the Development Decree, a 3-year extension for tax breaks with some remodeling.

When the development decree is being defined, the bonus of 55% is extended by 3 years but in a reduced version, not too much for insulations, where the ceiling of € 60,000 remains.

The tax deduction will therefore be applied to the work carried out until 2014, but the percentages go down:
• 55% – for solar panels, with a maximum roof of 50,000 euros (instead of 60,000), – for vertical and horizontal opaque surfaces (the maximum deduction remains at 60,000 euros), – for heating systems / high-efficiency air-conditioning above 35kw (typically condominium) with a maximum of 50 thousand euros (increases: currently it is 30 thousand);
• 41% – for high-efficiency boilers below 35 kw (per apartment) with a maximum allowance of 7 thousand euros (30 thousand euros), – for windows and related fixtures with a roof of 40 thousand euros.

For this type of intervention – very frequent – there is also a condition for obtaining the tax discount: the thermostatic thermostatic valves, at the same time, must be installed, that is, those devices that allow to regulate the temperature of each element individually. For walls insulations, roofs and the like, there are no particular disturbances with the full recognition of the direct benefits to energy consumption.