Expo Building Exhibition, Roma

12 November 2010 h 16.00 – 17.00 SALA PAD. 9 – BALCONY • Room capacity: 90 seats

From 11 to 44 November 2010, the Expo Building in Rome was held this year at the fourth edition, the reference event for companies, professional operators and construction industry associations. During this year’s edition, particular attention has been paid to the issue of restoring the building heritage and the potential growth factor that restructuring and recovery represent, especially in a context such as the central and southern part of Italy. Jendy Joss presented the conference “Dry Systems for Building with Particularly Concerning Energy Efficiency and Eco-Biocompatibility of Materials”, held on Friday, November 12, at 4 pm at the Conference Room of Pavilion No. 9 with capacity for 90 seats.