Eco-Renovation Buildings: 55% tax deduction bonus

Extension to the December 31, 2011 of the deduction for the house energy saving

We have another year to become “efficient”. Or at least our homes. After several hesitations, the extension of the 55% tax deduction on renovations for efficiency and energy saving in homes is definitive. With the final approval of the Stability Italian Law, the substantial facilitation is confirmed throughout 2011. An agitation that along with his older sister (seniority) – the 36% bonus – covers practically all the range of possible expenses for the home construction interventions. And to match it to the other bonus was deductible in 10 years (in the past the breakdown of the credit has varied a lot). The allowance consists of a discount from Irpef equal to 55% of the expenses incurred for energy-saving housing interventions until 31 December 2011. The amount must be stated in the income statement from the following year and deductible (with equal installments) in 10 years for all taxpayers. Beneficiaries are all natural persons who own a property in any way (ie the owners but also those who are renting or using usufruct).

All eligible activities and costs cover all existing buildings for:
• “energy upgrading”, ie those that affect the energy performance of the building by achieving greater efficiency. Maximum deduction: € 100,000 (55% of the maximum expenditure of € 181,818.18);
• “thermal insulation” of buildings or part of them (single flats) for vertical and horizontal opaque surfaces (roofs, floors and walls). Maximum deduction: € 60,000 (maximum expenditure: € 109,090.90);
• “thermal insulation” by replacing windows and fixtures. Maximum deduction: € 60,000 (maximum expenditure: € 109,090.90);
• “installation of solar panels” for the production of hot water. Maximum deduction: € 60,000 (maximum expenditure: € 109,090.90);
• “replacement of winter air conditioning systems” with condensing boilers, heat pumps and “low enthalpy” geothermal plants, and their distribution system. Maximum Disbursement: € 30,000 (Maximum Expense: € 54,545.45)

To initiate the procedure, a copy of the certificate of energy certification or renewal (Annex A of Dm 19 February 2007 – see Annex to the Guide) must be completed and sent by electronic means within 90 days of the end of the work and the information sheet (Annex E or F) on the actions taken.