Building Energy Efficiency

There were published in the Official Gazette the three decrees of the Ministry of Economic Development that rewrite the energy efficiency standards of buildings.

All new measures will enter into force on 1 October 2015. Energy Performance Attestation The first decree modifies the DM 26 June 2009 and introduces new national guidelines for the Energy Performance of Buildings Certification (APE 2015).

The new APE model will be the same throughout the country. With the new guidelines, it will be easier to compare real estate units and drive the market towards a new concept of quality that will take great care of energy performance. The energy classes will be ten. From the A4, the best, it will go away to G, the worst.

The certifier will have to make at least one inspection at the building or real estate unit and will have to indicate in the EPA the proposals to improve energy efficiency, advising for example restructuring or energy redevelopment and informing the interested about the incentives available for achieve them. Calculation Methodologies and Minimum Energy Performance Requirements The second decree sets out the new ways of calculating the energy performance and the new minimum efficiency requirements for new buildings and those undergoing renovation.

The minimum energy standards for new and refurbished buildings are strengthened, optimizing the cost/benefit ratio of the interventions, so as to achieve the Almost Zero Energy Buildings envisaged by Directive 2010/31/EU.

New buildings and those undergoing major renovations will be compared with a reference building, identical to geometry, orientation, location and use. It will be easier to ensure compliance with the minimum requirements. Project technical report scheme The third decree finally introduces reference frameworks for the compilation of the technical design report for the purpose of applying the requirements and minimum requirements for energy performance in buildings. The diagrams are different according to the different types of works performed: new constructions, important renovations, energy re-qualifications.